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Teenage underwear / innerwear / panty should be made of good quality fine and absorbent cotton which can breathe as well as absorb too! Sweat, perspiration needs good knitted fabric. A good panty can give better shape and look to hips. Even the elastic quality should be good, so that it is not very tight when new and obstract blood circulation for longer time. If it is too tight, it will leave marks on skin, also give itchy feeling after removal. Also make a habit of not wearing of panty during sleep at night for free blood circulation.

The design shown below is cotton panty having design for breathing to have cool and confortable experience.

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pics panty crotch comfort fit and feel white cotton

The elastic should be of good quality and should not cut deep inside the skin or make marks on the skin. Also due to wear n tear the elastictiy of panty will go off and you need to change even if it is not torn at any point.

pics very tight teen panty obstruct easy blood circulation

pics teen girl panty loose elastic having no pantyline

pics teen girl panty with enough elasticity

The pantyline may be visible depending on the dress. Generally do not wear very transperant dress so that the panty is visible.

pics skirt transperant panty visible

sometimes unshaved pubic hair may also be uncomfortable in the panty. so proper trimming or shaving is necessaary.

pics teen girl panty unshaved pubic hair

Vaginal Secretions Stain may spoil panties most of the time. Due to hormonal changes for menstruation, some white, transperent or yellowish liquid or semi-liquid will come out of vagina and leave stains on crotch of daily use panty. This is why crotch is provided in the panty, so there is almost double the thickness of cloth to absorb liquid coming out from vagina. Also while washing this area is brushed extensively and so get torn from this place as well as color will fade. Sometimes it becomes embarrasing to keep such panty for drying in open, as it may look dirty to others..

pics teen girl panty with special crotch for excessive secreation problems

pics teen girl white panty big width crotch

pics teen girl white hipster for low waist jeans

pics teen girl normal white yellow secreation

pics teen girl daily vaginal white secreation stain on panty

pics teen girl vaginal secreation normal stain on panty

so one should wash & wipe the urine after every time you complete urinating and keep specific cloth or tissues to do it.

pics wiping urine with cloth napkin or tissue

sometimes Phermones do get secreated from vagina and the smell of it makes one horny and sexually aroused. so few girls and boys may have liking to smell the used panty.

pics phermone sniffing normal

Keep separate panty for menstruation period


Teen girls can not avoid menstruation as it is a monthly biological process for rerpoduction. So choose panty and sanitary washable or disposable pads accordingly as per your comfort and family values. Some dispoable napkins are bulky and some are thin. washable pads as per choice.

pics teen girl panty inside cotton bulky sanitary napkin

pics sanitary napkin tight fit inside red color panty

pics teen girl printed cloth saniraty pads

pics sanitary napkin inside panty front & back view

The stains of menstruation blood remain permanent on panty and dress and on bedsheet very often. This stains are more or less of permanent nature, if not washed immidiately like Tea-Stains. Special Bed sheet needs to be changed, when one is expecting menstruation or when you are in period. Or at least keep extra sheet for this purpose having red floral designs, which can even camoflage the bood stains easily. Avoid white or plain light colors bedsheet during menstruation..

pics teen girl menstruation blood stain on bedsheet in night

pics teen girl menstruation blood stain on panty

During puberty, the first MENARCHE, first menstruation is the experience every girl has to face. When it happens, the time is not in one's control. So one has to remain ready for any kind of situation without feeling guilt or embarrassment. Even schools during those six hours it may occur and stain the panty and even school uniform. Even after Menarche, for first two to three years the period remain irrgular and keep teenage and preteens girls under presssure. Spotting of red blood stains on panty is very normal duting these days.

pics school girl embarrased menstruation in her panty

pics teen girl menstruation blood spotting normal

pics teen girl menstruation boold stain spoil panty

Many times it is difficult to remove sanitary napkin without staining the Panty. How hard one take care, but still some blood stain will be left on good panty.

pics teen girl normal menstruation blood on thigh and sanitary napkin likely to stain panty

pics teen girl menstruation blood clot on panty

Many teenage girls use very thin panty liner during light period, but one can not have control over boold outflow and likely risk to stain panty.

pics teen girl panty liner and panty stained with menstruation blood

So every teenage girls learn through practice how to remove and change used sanitary pad with two hands without stain on panty and dress.

pics teen stained menstruation pad sanitary napkin removal from panty

Teenage girls should learn to leave the commode and toilet seat and toilet floor clean after using it during menstruation period and changing used sanitary pads. See that blood stains are not left, which may be harmful and disgusting for the next person using the commode and toilet.

pics teen girl menstruation blood left over commode needs cleaning

Teenage girls should also learn to clean anus as well as vagina during menstruation period as well as during normal time too! The distance between the opening of anus and opening of vagina is very less. So there are chances of transfer of bacteria from one place to another while washing these areas after use. See that bacteria from anus do not enter in vagina while wiping anus with hand or tissue paper.

One shoul never experiment to taste or smell menstruation blood. As it might have come out of vagina since long and might have become unhygienic.

pics teen girl menstruation blood AVOID smell n taste

pics anus and vagina are very near and needs cleaning technique for better hygiene

So teenage girls can cultivate the habit of keeping the separate set of panties for menstruation period. It can be colorful and printed with fast colors; so that any unwanted stain will mix with the colorful design. It is embarrassing to dry the stained panties, so this design print will help.

pics colorful printed design of menstruation period panty
pics inside view of menstruation panty
pics crotch design of menstruation period panty
pics buttocks view of menstruation panty

Even one may get the period on wedding day or at wedding time and spoil the dress with enbarrassement.

pics menstrutaion on wedding day


40a pic teen boys white brief underwear ... .... 40b pic teen boys printed underwear ... ... 40c pic teen boys white V-brief... ...

Boys should also prefer good quality fine and absorbent cotton white underwears which are comfortable. Scrotum, penis and pubic hair do have problems like itching and bad odour. Wear clean underwears daily.

Boys also have secreation of semen due to hormonal changes and sexual thoughts. Semen stains remains on underwear and become yeallowish as it dries. Some times even sperm also get ejaculated alongiwth lot of semen and make the underwear wet and sticky. One need to wash this underwear at the earliest, otherwise it will get permanent stain and become hard.

pics teen boy wet day dream fantasy ejaculation in underwear

pics teen sperm dry yellowish stain on underwear


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