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BREAST DEVELOPMENT : girls uneven breast, breas-tbud, nipple, areola,cancer, milkfeeding, hair on nipple...


pics preteens girls breast bud development

pics preteens small areola small breast

pics flat breast late development

Pics. Breast bud development starts first. Slowly the complete area of breast develops which takes 2 to 4 years.

pics small nipple fluffy areola

Areola which is darker than normal skin color of Breast and generally round in shape also get fluffy and soft filled with tissues.

pics small boils over areola

Sometimes small boils pimple like developed over areola, this is normal.

uneven left & right breast growth is normal

The growth of right and left breast may not be similar. Even after fully grown adult there may be difference in sizes of both the breast. This is normal and need not to worry. Although Bra are generally availble in same left and right cup size only.

pics preteens areola breast bud developed

pics tappered areola with nipple

pics adult teen girl fully developed areola nipple breast

pics breast teen girls developed

The above images show you that the shape, size and colors of every individual girls are different and all are normal. If one notice any liquid, puss coming out from nipple and it smells bad, do consult your mother and gynecologist.

pics girl erect nipple

Nipple do get erect due to sensebility of breast. Any touch or fantasy or sexual arousal may erect the nipple.

Picture sagging heavy breast development.jpg ... ..

Pics Many times heavy growth of breast may look like sagging breast. This is normal, as they are not enough muscles to hold the weight mass of the breast. Proper size bra and dress may help.

pics T shirt no bra at home during nightsleep

For better circulation of blood it is advisable not to wear bra or tight inner garments at home and during night sleep.

breast caressing self inspection.jpg

pics teen girl self breast nipple inspection for cyst

Picture developed breast cancer pics.jpg ..

Self testing of breast should be learned by every teenage girls. Mothers should do themselves and also teach the daughters on this subject to find out any abnormal growth of Cyst or Tumor in the breast. Breast self inspection is necessary for brest cancer. Oil massage to breast is good for better blood circulation and development.

Picture mother help to milk feeding child.jpg ..

PICS small breast but enough for baby milk feeding

pics image breast milk

Images of breast milk system

pics breast milk being forced out

Size does not matter in milk feedign of baby. Milk is never produced before the delivery of child. Sometimes mother also help the newborn child in feeding the milk by pressing the breast with her hand. This is the most enjoyable motherhood experience in the life of a female, feeding your own milk to your own baby. Motherhood is a gift of God only to female. The bond between child and mother will strenghten through this. Do not avoid breast milk feeding, which is the main primary function of the breasts. Sexual function is secondary.


pics teen girl plucking hair from nipple areola is wrong

pics teen nipple areola hair grows longer and longer

pics teen nipple areola shaved hair pimple n cut hair

pics teen nipple hair growth dark long if shaved

pics teen girl hair growth on areola is normal not to shave

Also if some few hairs may grow around nipple on areola, which are normal and NOT to be shaved. If one starts shaving, it will become worst. If u really feel very uncomfortable with such hair then consult your mother and dermatologist and let the professional doctor remove such hair.

pics never shave hair on breasts otherwise it will get the worst

pics breast implant.jpg.

Breast implant is done mainly to enhance the look of Breast figure mainly by models, heroines or celebrities. It is an expensive operation and if possible one should avoid.



pics teen boy normal nipple chest hair

Boys have body hair growth in puberty even on his chest all over. Mainly in the center between two nipples the hair start growing and then spread around areola and nipple too. Generally boys do not shave chest hair. But recently few models and actors who show their body do shve off hair even from chest. But it is believed that females like male with hair on chest, as they do not have hair on their breast.


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