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What is Tampon and Hymen?

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pics of tampon string only which remains outside vagina

What is Tampon? : In India Tampons are not in much use. Tampons fit inside the vagina. The walls of the vagina hold them in place. A tampon cannot get lost or move inside vagina. It stays inside your vagina until you remove it out. Each tampon has a string that hangs out of the vagina. Slowly pulling the string removes the tampon easily. Using a tampon or pad may seem a little strange at first. Some girls wonder if tampons will stretch the hymen. The hymen is a thin skin that stretches across the lower part of the opening of the vagina. There is an opening in it to let menstrual flow out of the body. Most girls are born with a hymen. The hymen is very important to some community. They believe that a girl whose hymen is stretched open is not a virgin and she had let a boy put his penis in her vagina. But that isn't always true. Some girls are born without a hymen. Others stretch open their hymens by exercising a lot. Tampons may stretch the hymen a little bit. But they don't usually stretch it open all the way. But you may prefer to use a pad if you feel it is important not to stretch your hymen.

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pics 1 used stained soaked tampon removal with own hand

pics 2 tampon removal needs care slowly without hurting tender tissues

pics 3 stained soaked tampon removal is diffifcult initially

pics 4 used stained soaked dirty tampon removed from vagina

disposal is difficult in open so it should be wrapped in old newspaper before putting into dustbin in India

What do I need to know about Sanitary napkins or tampons or washable pads? :
Mostly do not use Tampon. Ask your mother, older sister, or another woman you trust to help you for first use of a tampon, to show how to correctly place it in your vagina.. Putting a tampon in your vagina shouldn't be painful. But it may hurt if you are not relaxed. Do not use scented tampons. Use "petal-soft" applicator when you first begin. Don't use "high absorbency" tampons throughout your period—check the label for how absorbent the tampon is. You can flush tampons but not the applicators. Throw applicators away in the trash. If you use tampons while swimming, there is less chance that the water will become tinged with menstrual flow. Some health care providers advise using pads instead of tampons while you sleep. Sometimes women who use "high absorbency" tampons all day and night during their periods become ill. This happens when bacteria that sometimes grow in the vagina grow too much. This rare illness is called Toxic Shock Syndrome. Stop using tampons if you vomit and have a high fever, diarrhea, and a sunburn-type rash while using one.

Change your tampon or pad to prevent odor and stains on your clothes. Use cold water and soap to remove any stains that get on your clothes.


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